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Tom Yum soup noodles with intense flavour! Full of spices Authentic Thai style property - Convenient, fast, healthy.


Only 46 calories per serve.


INGREDIENTS Noodles (86%): Purified water, Konjac flour (5%), Firming agent (Calcium Hydroxide);

Dehydrated Seafood & Vegetables: Prawns, Squid Slices, Shallot, Cabbage;  

Soup Base: Soybean oil, Ginger, Shallot, Tomato sauce, Salt, Coconut powder, Lemongrass, Garlic, Food acid (Citric acid), Sugar, Hydrolysed plant protein, Yeast extract.  


CAUTION: Contains soy, fish and crustacea. May contain sesame, trace of peanuts and tree nuts.

1 week plan | Tum Yum Flavor (6 packs)

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